Weekly Check In: How Many Plants Are You Consuming?

We spoke about the goal of consuming 30 plant foods per week. Each week we are going to help you get closer to this goal with a weekly check-in and our tips to help you increase your plant food intake. Starting with vegetables this week, we encourage you to use our template below and reflect on the last week of eating. It helps to write down all of your meals from the last week (if you can remember!) Then tally how many different vegetables you consumed over the week. Note: only tally the different vegetables you are consuming e.g. broccoli three times in one week counts as one plant food.

The challenge for this week will be to increase the number of different vegetables. As the weeks continue, we will check in every week and tally up the other types of plant foods you are consuming, so we can achieve 30 plant foods coming from a variety of the different plant food groups. 

To increase the diversity of vegetables you eat, you first need to see how many you are eating currently. 

1.     List all the different vegetables you ate last week. 

2.     Count how many vegetables you have written down, as well as any other plants you have eaten this week. 

This is your individual starting point, it's only up from here! 

3.     Then each week write down all the different plants you have eaten. 

4.     Tally up your total at the end of the week and see if you can increase the number of different vegetables, and plants you are eating!

Challenge yourself to include at least one new plant each week. 

Use our free download below to fill in your plant food counter while you complete this challenge at home! 

plant food counter.pdf
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