Welcome to the 50 Day Food & Mood Challenge

Welcome to our 50 Day Food & Mood Challenge!

Over the next 8 weeks, we will be supporting you on this challenge to eat your way to a healthy gut and healthy mind.

Each week we will equip you with nutrition knowledge that will help you to make the healthiest food choices for you.

We are going to particularly focus on how certain nutrients can have a positive influence on our mental health and mood.

To achieve this, the long-term goal is to consume 30 plant foods per week. That might sound like an unattainable number, and you might also be wondering why exactly 30 is the magic number.

Don’t worry, we will be here to guide you and educate you over the next 8 weeks, and also help to create a simple step-wise approach to achieving the magic number of 30 plant foods each week, and best of all, maintain this habit long-term for optimal health. 

What you can expect from this challenge

Each week the challenge will include 3 components.

1. Education

Each week we'll dive into easily digestible education about various plants and their major health benefits. Our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians make the latest nutrition science super easy to understand and implement.

2. Encouragement

The next step is taking that new knowledge to the kitchen bench. We provide helpful templates for plant boosting swaps and delicious recipes for sneaking in nutrients.

3. Assessment

Don't sweat it, this assessment will be a cinch. Test your knowledge with a weekly quiz and see how your plant intake is progressing.

A couple of things to remember...

  • You can complete this course on your desktop, tablet or iPhone. Just download the Teachable app on the app store.
  • As you move through the course, remember to click "complete and continue" to move onto the next section.

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