How to prepare Vegetables

Getting bored of vegetables is not in our vocabulary! Just as there are lots of different vegetables to include in our diet, there are also lots of different ways to cook them. We love to vary our cooking method of vegetables because it can completely change the flavour profile and texture, meaning it is difficult to ever get bored of eating vegetables. Below are some of the different ways you can cook your veggies.


1.    Baking 

Baking vegetables in the oven breaks down the fibre in raw vegetables, making them softer and more enjoyable to eat. Some great vegetables for baking are pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, beetroot, brussels sprouts and carrot. 

Top tip: try cutting your veggies up into small/thin pieces for them to cook faster in the oven. If you are cooking different types of vegetables together, cut them into similar sized pieces to ensure they all take the same amount of time to cook.  

2.    Sautéing

Sautéing describes a method of cooking where vegetables are cooked in a pan over a high heat in a small amount of oil or fat. This is great for stir-fries, or even cooking vegetables to have on the side of your eggs in the morning. Some great vegetables for sautéing are onion, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini. 

3.    Steaming  

Steaming describes a method of cooking vegetables using the heat of steam. This can be done by placing vegetables in a food steamer over some boiling water. This is a quick way to cook vegetables like Asian greens, broccoli and carrot. Plus, it helps to keep the colour, flavour and shape of your vegetables! 

4.    Boiling  

Boiling is a method that has been used to cook vegetables for many years. While it can be an easy way to cook them, it actually results in the loss of some key nutrients. This is because they leach into the water and unless you use this water (for example in a vegetable soup) these nutrients are lost forever. Where possible we recommend using another method such as microwaving, baking or steaming vegetables instead. Some vegetables that are commonly boiled include green beans and potatoes. These can be easily cooked by steaming them or popping them in the microwave. 

5.    Raw

There are also a number of vegetables that taste great raw. These are perfect to add to salads, or you can try cutting them up into sticks and have them with your favourite dip. Some of our favourite vegetables to eat raw include carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach. 

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